Why, What, Wherefore

When I went through the national recruitment process a few years ago, I couldn't easily find comparable information between the schools of ophthalmology and their training programmes. The eyedocs website was helpful, with some reviews and links, but it wasn't too objective. I wanted to find out how the rotations worked, what I'd get paid, whether the training was quality, what the workload was like, how much cataract surgery I'd be doing and when? My wife wanted to know how much I'd be commuting and how much accomodation costed at the various places. We wanted to see how far away the places were from family, the sea and the hills...

After spending hours researching these details, I thought it is a waste of time if we were all doing the same things. Seeing how many people were using the website in the first year, I've updated it each year since with the most recent GMC national training survey results, links to the deanery websites and eyedocs reviews, maps of the rotations, and house price costs.

I want to have comprehensive descriptions of what a typical rotation through 7 years looks like for each deanery, but I have not managed to achieve it yet. If you notice this info is missing from you deanery page, I'd be grateful for a message with the info. Similar for any jobs that are not banded 1B (40%).

Of course, some people will say, 'just give me a training post and I'll be happy'. Good for them. But I suspect that most people will care about where they train for personal and professional reasons. Most will care what their work life balance will be like. Most will care what their job prospects are like at the end of training. The deaneries are not made equally! If that is you, I hope this website has helped.

Finally, when you attend the interview and give feedback, please mention how better, more comparable info is needed from the college!

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